Today we did NOT go to the hospital…

In the movie, Lord of the Rings, the main wizard Gandalf is being chastised for not coming when Frodo expected him. His reply is that “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” And so it is with God.

Since coming home with Charlie, my prayer has been that God would make us keenly aware of his symptoms and when to act on the smallest thing. Since Tuesday we had started to see some worsening symptoms for Charlie but could not determine the source. A few episodes during the day and perfect at night. It was perplexing. Finally we had the biggest episode of him clamping down and not breathing well. As the nurse and I stood over his crib, it felt like we were on the edge of an emergency. I had my phone in hand, deciding if this would be a 9-1-1 call or a simple call to the doctor’s office. The messages I had left earlier still had no answer. The nurse and I agreed to administer a stress dose of his steroids. Unsure if that was the right thing to do. She could not do it without my consent and each minute was no improvement. “Let’s do it.” Within 45 minutes, he was responding well to the medication. We finally sighed deeply and crashed into the chairs. We had been standing for two hours worrying and waiting for an answer.

The endocrinologist called about 20 minutes after he showed improvement and the pulmonologist about 2 hours later. Both calls were late. Way too late. We made the right decision and the first doctor applauded us. (He also apologized for how the message was handled and coached me on how to get a more prompt answer from the staff in the future.)

It is amazing how God provided the insight to make the right decision at the very last minute. It is an answer to prayer even though it feels sluggish in the moment. However, I praise God that his timing is beyond my comprehension. And praise the Lord we didn’t end up in the hospital. A few days of this high dose steroid and we hope to return to “normal”.

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