Background Story

Originally, my husband and I set up a CaringBridge journal to help relay information about our high risk twin pregnancy with friends and family. Slowly, the number of people viewing the journal increased and I kept hearing the “you should write a book” comment. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I have no inspiration for a book. Nor the patience. I do enjoy teaching and prior to the pregnancy I had planned on teaching in a Bible training program at our church. The high risk pregnancy is over but one twin, Charlie, is medically complex. I have continued to use the journal to share our prayer requests and other tidbits of information but I foresee the end of the journal. And thus was born this website.




The background story to our journal is:

In June 2016 we found out we were pregnant with identical twins. Unfortunately, four weeks later we noticed that one twin was growing at a slower rate than the other. The difference between the two grew and an added complication of the twins’ blood flow in the umbilical cord also appeared. Our only option was to wait and rely on God or choose to abort one or both of the babies. Of course we chose to rely on God even though it cost us a great amount of anxiety and fear and sorrow. Against all odds, Charlie, the smaller twin, survived 10 more weeks with the blood flow problem. It was just enough time to get him barely past viability and our odds of their survival outside of the womb was now greater than inside the womb. They were born at 27 weeks and three days weighing 2 pounds and 1 pound. Jack came home with no oxygen support or any major complications a week before his due date (January 30). Charlie has suffered the consequences of being malnourished in the womb. His lungs are very weak and therefore he is had to be on a ventilator since birth and we have chosen to give him a tracheostomy which allowed him to come home with a portable ventilator. The doctors are optimistic that he will grow out of his lung problem. Because of the extreme low birth weight and premature birth they are both at risk for a number of other issues, one we are currently watching would be developmental delays and possibly some level of cerebral palsy. God has been incredibly gracious and loving and powerful. Our lives can never be the same.