And then there were twins…

And so I bring us to the beginning of the hardest stage of our lives, except at the time we were blissfully ignorant.

In 2016, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with the purchase of a camper trailer and a few trips to state parks with the kids. It was absolutely glorious. In May, I finished a two year Bible training program with Denton Bible Church and was asked to return as a teacher in the fall. My dream in college was to teach Bible and after deciding not to finish my master’s degree at seminary, this was the answer to my hopes. Everything was neatly falling into place. We found out we were pregnant at the end of May and decided it was the crowning moment to such a perfect year. Continue Reading ›

“Beautiful are the ways of God if we allow him to use us as he wants.” 

-Mother Teresa

Get a Grip…or not?

Cameron and I have reached the point in our marriage that we skip over the niceties where one person tries to accommodate the other when it comes to picking out a restaurant or movie. If the permission is given, “You pick”, then the other person just does whatever they want. Years ago (ok, sometimes even now), we would say that and pretend like we were completely open to the other person’s choice. In the end, it was clear we were not happy and a fight would ensue. Giving over the reigns to food and entertainment is a huge sacrifice.

Years ago, I read this quote from Corrie Ten Boom: “Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.” It has stuck with me very much during this entire ordeal with the twins. Continue Reading ›