The Future

Today, I answer the most oft asked question, “How long will Charlie have to be like that?” It’s a pause from our posts about the background story. Also, I kept the crying baby out but you can hear my phone ding with text messages. You win some, you lose some. And I need to get my bangs trimmed. I could have brushed my hair a bit. Well, this is life y’all.

Before the beginning

I thought it may be beneficial to write a series of posts that would tell of how we came to be the parents of a special needs identical twin. It is certainly not the identity I envisioned years ago but it seems so many steps have led to this moment.
To tell of how Charlie got to be a trached vent-dependent mircopreemie means I must start before the beginning.

A few years after we married, Cameron and I decided we would start a family, a simple task. This endeavor would be a dark year in my life as we came to grips with our diagnosis, “unexplained infertility”. How would God put a desire in my heart yet let it remain unattainable? It was a struggle everyday to fight off bitterness and jealousy. Many times I failed. Friendships were severed. I could not cope with other expectant mothers.  Continue Reading ›